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The swimming pool is set in a scenically privileged location within a property with a large green area occupied by a renovated Lombard farmhouse.

The land, facing south, has a slight slope with a view of the lake and Mt. Rosa mountain range.


The project was conceived as a simple and decisive linear sign, parallel to the house, that cuts accross the green lawn inserting the swimming pool with its annexed spaces, such as the changing room, bathroom, shower, gym and technical room, in the architectural section.

One enters the grounds from the two opposide sides of the linear sign. On one side one plunges into the water via a light staircase, on the other side one descends a steeper green slope towards the gymnasium and changing room areas. Creating this depression in the terrain allowed us to insert a full-height glazing in the basement rooms to enjoy air and natural light.


The intervention was made of reinforced concrete left exposed combined with slabs of natural grey split stone laid in all the horizontal walkway levels above ground,  inside the swimming pool and inside the changing room. The choice of  grey stone is aimed at giving the water a blue-green colour that evokes the colour of the lake visible in the distance.


The strenght of materials such as cement and stone was eased by the choice of natural wood, that complements and contrasts them. We find it in the teak wood platform resting on the short side of the pool just above the water level. This platform, which also serves the purpose of covering the sunshade compartment, is a large sundeck from which one can dive.


The same teak wood can also be found in the floor of the gymnasium below the platform, in the large sliding window frame and in the custom-made furniture elements inside the bathroom and changing room,  necessary for the functions that take place inside.

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