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A platform in concrete, raised from the level of the land, creates one single floor surface on where the interior and exterior spaces of the house are organised.


A flat covering, parallel with the concrete platform, defines the height.

A continuous segmentated line between the two planes closes laterally the house alternating opaque and transparate full-height surfaces.

Bearing walls in reinforced concrete make the bearing structure and at the same time separate the different spaces of the house.


The definition of the interior spaces originates from the desire to enable the habitants to conduct their activities in private spaces or share them with the family in common spaces. We are focusing on their ever-changing dynamics.


A grid of 60x60 cm marks the position of the various spaces in which the house is articulated. The remaining space is used for the entrance, the connecting paths and the common space of the living area. Each of spaces is divided to suit the specific function.


Like in the casa NP the living area is located in the barycentric position and is separating the parent’s area from the youngster’s area without dividing it.


The project of the interior paths is an almost natural consequence of the spaces and their relation searching for a constant visual continuity to the outside.

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