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Considerations e images exhibited on the occasion of the event OPEN! STUDI APERTI organised by Ordine degli Architetti di Varese May 24, 2019


Being able to control the natural light in interior spaces is an integral part of our projects. Light is an active presence in a space. Together with shadow it has a complementary relationship in continuous transformation from early in the morning until sunset. It gives us emotional moments, albeit very brief. To search for it, capture it and stop it is for us almost a must.


Photography becomes an indispensable study and research instrument from the first shots at the construction site. It tells us how to dialogue with a place and the light inside the living space. We understand where and how to open the casing, what to look for, where to pass and where to stay.

Our research then continues with the selection of (pure) materials to be introduced, as the light will accentuate their distinctive qualities. We consider the way the light reflects and gets absorbed on different materials to already be architecture.


In the presented projects – two interior spaces of residential buildings and a place for prayer – we have worked on the dynamics of the relationship between light and shadow projected on vertical and horizontal surfaces in different contexts and in different hours of the day.

The homogeneity of a concrete floor becomes a surface on which the images drawn by the shadows are moving cyclically, though always in a different way. In the first hours of the morning they are long and invasive, at noon there are short and marked.  

The wood and the satin-finished glass are instead absorbing and mixing the light and the shadow. The colours are fading, the borders expanding and the atmosphere becomes more soft.  

A white fabric attached on wooden frames filters the light which invades a place for prayer. The space is getting homogeneous and the atmosphere rarefied. A heavenly light is diffused in the chapel.   

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