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It has been an attempt, an experiment. We’ve asked Simone to enter the construction site with his camera at the time when it was still in full turmoil. We wanted to understand the space better before it became a home.

The photographic image freezes this moment in time. It gives you the possibility to analyze it, to understand the light, the proper and generated shadows, the quality of the saved details and their connection with the project.

The building parts of the house, disassembled and placed casually in the rooms, are obtaining a proper identity in the shot, it seems as they are dialoguing. Connections are established. They are suggesting solutions.

foto Simone Bossi

These photographs cannot be redone. That’s why they are related more than ever with time. They are existing only because they are going to disappear.

The construction site is never the same the day after, everything has changed, nothing is like before. New spatial relations, new instruments for new works. A construction site is continuously changing. We are chasing the deadline, frenzied by the wish to see the end. The photography alludes it to succeed, to resist. It alludes it to be eternal. It excites its provisional nature making it definitive.

The poetical nature of a well-done shot of a construction site is all about relation with its life. Because the construction site is alive and it will let us live make us dream and that’s why we love it. We ask for complicity, even for help. We are waiting for the moment when the frenzy will calm down and the silence take over and intentionally remains, in solitude. We are waiting to take possession of the space, to feel it, criticize it, to feel emotions, to produce and destroy thoughts and then persuade us again.

As long as it’s a construction site the house belong to us. It’s an odd stage where dramas and comedies alternate without warning.

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