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The room has being imagined as a simple space of prayer identified by one single material, ash plywood.

Our aim is to create a place which promotes peace and meditation.

The entrance situated in a lateral position generates a corridor with a gentle slope accompanying us towards the space for prayer.

A vaulted surface is characterising the place of meditation where the front wall is illuminated by a combination of natural and artificial light.

Silence is the key to better understand life.

Silence is listening to your inner sounds.


A continuous segmented line defines the articulation of the interior space in terms of plan and cross section.

On the planimetric level a continuous path is generated starting from the entrance and terminating inside the protected meditation space.

In the section the same line is bended defining a vaulted ceiling of the interior volume. The chosen material is natural ash wood.

In this way a dialogue is established between the existing surfaces, treated with a light painting, and the wooden walls of the project.

A wooden platform, treated with cementitious resin, raises the ground level of the interior space with 20 cm, simplifying the passage of the electric installations.

The opening of a linear skylight and a system of artificial light illuminate the front wall of the aisle with a soft light becoming the focus of the space.

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