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They have asked us to rethink the entrance to the house. The direct access to the dining area was preventing the sensation of surprise that every home should have.

A big sliding panel put in front of you, after having passed the entrance staircase, serves a dual purpose: to arouse your curiosity and to oblige your choice of itinerary, that is, walking up the stairs to the bedrooms or entering the living area. A compact space has been created in order to reveal in advance the expanded and bright living area of the house.

A system of storage containers integrated and connected with the entrance sliding panel is repeating the architectural language. They are full-height elements in painted wood which, when being moved, distinguish the domestic objects of everyday life.

Designing is for us deciding to use the same elements but in different ways.


The monochrome colouring of the wooden panels and the walls creates homogeneous volumes.

The uniformity of the wooden floor will accompany you on the domestic itinerary.

The broken line of the shelf in oak wood is connecting the adjacent spaces of the living room and the home cinema room separated by a wooden wall. In front of the window the shelf becomes a desk, a temporary seat where the external view favours the reflection on the text.

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