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A continuous and uniform platform in concrete creates one single floor surface on where all the interior and exterior spaces of the house are organised. Filtering spaces for patios and protected paths.

A wooden covering, parallel with the concrete platform, consisting in a sequence of wooden beams, is defining the volume of the project.

In this way a continuous dialogue is established between two different but complementary materials, which are trying in their reciprocity to enhance their qualities.


The lateral closure of the house alternates concrete walls and full-height glass surfaces.

The definition of the interior spaces originates from the desire to enable the habitants, a family of four persons, to conduct their activities in private spaces or share them with the family in common spaces. We are focusing on their ever-changing dynamics.

The living area is located in the barycentric position between the parent’s and the youngster’s area.

It is not a representative area but a meeting point and a sharing place.


The movement within a space creates paths, distances and relations.

The project of the house is based on this concept and is in fact a sinuous and continuous line of the path becoming the vital skeleton. An idea of a walkway that relates with the outside in different ways, and in some points, as a surprise, becomes a tiny addition from where you can fully enjoy the nature.

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