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What had been critical to understand the purpose of my intervention was the main entrance to the house. 

The two-floor apartment finds its location inside a typical building from the 1960s, in Rome.

When I approached the project the clients had already had the intuition to place an artwork inside the atrium which is generally surrounded by little dark windows. 


The idea emerged naturally. As the atrium was inside the apartment, I suggested to open the spaces around it as much as possible to develop the house starting from that ideal centre, in order to create multiple and diagonal vision-lines, some of them with the maximum extent possible, others creating tiny openings throw which the observer could only spy a detail. Then we looked for another artist and we asked him to work on the atrium of the level above so that the neighbourhood could appreciate the project too!


The share of the passion for arts created a deeper relationship with the clients, who participated in the project step by step. The growing of this experience then turned out to be the starting of a close friendship.


The house had always been occupied during the works and so it was necessary to organise the restoration project area by area: hosts and studio in the lower lever, the girls’ rooms, the main bedroom and the living room with the kitchen.


All the spaces around the atrium have been thought, designed and realised with a flexible concept which reckons with changes, in order to follow the evolving needs of the family.The girls becoming teenager, games turning into books, finally “young women” chasing independence and so on, who knows what the future will bring.


The most important achievement is to have given autonomy to every single space inside an autonomous apartment, a precious resource in the relationship between patents and children.


The Clients:

“Yesterday the architect, today a treasured friend who has given value to our house with sensitivity, patience and determination. She created developments never losing the focus on the functionality.

A tailor-made project which took advantages from the tiniest corner.

A passion which contributes to our everyday delight.”

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