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It's a lamp that reinterprets the light of the lantern and aims to represent a conceptual synthesis of it.

A cube that circumscribes a imaginary sphere, the light.

A small theater that contains the scenes inspired by the ethereal sculptures of Fausto Melotti.


A mobile light source that can accompany us during the various moments of the day inside and outside of a closed place.

You can grab it from all sides because it has an open shell.

One single material, a profile of black aluminium with a thin section, defines the twelve sides of a perfect cube, 30x30x30.


The led light source is invisible. Inserted in one side of the frame only, it draws asymmetrical shadows on the horizontal an vertical planes.

The choice to give it a black aluminium profile is to confuse it within this game of projected shadows.

A nostalgic reinterpretation of the vibration of the light generated by the flame of the candle.


AIR is the perfect name for a pure and empty volume that conceptually contains  the magic of an intangible light.

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