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The project deals with and develops the concept of a home shelter surrounded by nature with the aim of satisfying the primary needs of a man inside of a protected space where the minimal living philosophy is applied.


There, where man feels well, he instinctively stops.


The building wants to be a basic living cell, modular and replicable, that fits into the landscape seeking synergies. Like a big window. It wants to enjoy the beauty of the landscape from the inside.

Architecture, nature and advanced technology are the factors that work together symbiotically to create this product.


The adaptability of the living cell to the ground is given by a concrete platform which manages two levels/quotas, the walking surface and the linear and continous seat  (20cm highter than the floor)


The wooden and glass shell is attached to this platform. The sloping roof, which extends one side of the volume in height, offers the possibility to organize, for half of the underlying surface, a wooden plane/mezzanine. This can be used like a rest room where, with freedom, many beds can be put, served by a bathroom organized in many parts and two independent desks positioned in front of the windows facing the landscape.


The layout plan is simple. Its distribution system is organized on a main axis with two opposite full-height glazing fronts.

On one side, the living area appears as a big cradle open towards the landscape. The fire of the fireplace, resting on the ground in the center of the big window, becomes the point around which the day, marked by its different moments, unfolds. On one side a big comfortable relax chair and on the other side  and on the other side the conviviality of the table where you eat and drink wine. The concrete platform that extends to the outside amplifies the space and closes it in its circularity.


On the opposite side there are the service and work areas. A volume, which includes a bathroom and cupboards designed to containment, divides the kitchen from the entrance with its staircase leading to the mezzanine floor. The central bathroom enjoys a natural light filtered by the slots of the vertical wooden slats, in both plans.

The outside works in a  complementary way to the inside also on this front. The kitchen has its appendix on the outside, on which a grill can be placed; the wet area of the bathroom, the shower, can be accessed from the outside.

Wood, shoes, garden tools and sports equipment have a precise placement outside.


At dusk the house lights up. Illuminated it looks like a lantern resting on the ground

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