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... in the darkness of the evening, the lighted windows are like fireflies turning on and off in spontaneous time. Each point of light is a beating heart of an inner life that accompanies the unfolding of time in a shared space of small or large dimensions... In this sense, the 'light within' fascinates, attracts our attention... and it is an image that immediately becomes a story!

 In design, the complementarity of interior and exterior space in a continuous relationship of receiving and giving is a refined game.

The window is indeed the eye of the house to the outside, the vanishing point of static or dynamic internal axes that follow the sensible logic of an architectural path, but it is also an active instrument in the external space in terms of light. It has the ability to create emotions at the moment when an action, a word, a thought or a state of mind is perceived in the light.

The task of design is to guide the inward gaze with intuition and discretion. The window is not a banal hole in a wall, this hole, when illuminated, goes deep, transforms the wall into a membrane that reveals a truth. The building is a body that contains a continuous flow of life.

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