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casa NP in the hilly Varese territory

casa quadrata in the woodland near Capalbio (south Tuscany)


Considerations e images exhibited in occasion of the event OPEN! STUDI APERTI organised by Ordine degli Architetti di Varese May 24, 2019


Different in shape, the two houses derive from common design principles.

A continuous and uniform platform in concrete, raised over the shape of the ground, creates one single floor surface on which all the interior and exterior spaces of the house are organised. A flat covering, parallel with the concrete platform, defines the height. A continuous segmented line, of opaque and transparent full-height walls, between the two platforms, represents the lateral borderlines.


The definition of the interior spaces originates from the desire to enable the habitants to conduct their activities in private spaces or share them with the family in common spaces. We are focusing on their ever-changing dynamics.


The living area is located in the barycentric position between the parent’s and the youngster’s area. Once defined these areas project of the interior paths has an almost natural consequence of the spaces and their relation searching for a constant visual continuity to the outside and a circularity in the geometry of a regular space.

This is how the organism of the house and its life flow are created as a conceptual skeleton shared with the client. The future actors on the stage.

Our architecture is a careful observation of mankind and of the surrounding environment from where the house will receive light, heat and, when it is possible, the beauty of a landscape or an urban context.


The interior paths are a sensitive topic for us on which we pay great attention in the project phase. Architecture should be able to give mankind emotions, not only spaces to live in. An ordinary path can be an active part of the space we  design. In different ways it can relate to the outside which is the real border of the house. It will close or open towards the surroundings trying to hide something or to let us look outside.

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