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Our approach to architecture is a humanistic approach. First of all, our attention goes to the PERSON NEEDS, then to the LOCATION of the building, the environment where we are going to build the project. The knowledge of the location is further developed by a research of its HISTORY.

PERSON, LOCATION, HISTORY are intersecting spheres that give us the first interpretation of the project. It is then the architect’s sinsitivity that must manage them by intervening in the emotional sfere and in the dynamics of the relationship between them.

SEARCHING FOR BEAUTY, even in places where beauty cannot easily be found, is another theme that concern us. It is part of our ongoing commitment, our philosophical project.


Once the house has been built, our aim is that the client always has the desire to come back home.

For us the EXTERIOR SPACE has to be an integral part of the interior, both for a house and for an appartment. Beeing able to see the landscape or the surrounding city has the power to exalt it, or peek it. It becomes a border at various depths.

Along with these fields we are constantly engaged in research of the DETAIL. We belive it is an integral part of the construction. In our research of synthesis, details should never have a pure aesthetic value, but rather be discovered and in no way be the protagonist. The details have to be simple.

The CRAFTMANSHIP of the manufaturing process and the execution of custom-made details assume a fundamental role in the construction of the particulars.

We work with few and selected MATERIALS. In our way of making architecture we use pure materials. Concrete, stone, glass and wood. Each of these materials can assume different charateristics depending on how you use them. Our idea is to relate few materials in a complementary relationship.

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